Alaska Fishing Equipment

Prime Salmon and Trout Fishing


Spend your days fishing prime salmon and trout waters without worrying about what kind of fishing equipment to pack. Your private Alaskan fishing guide will customize your trip to suit your individual fishing style, and that includes all of your rods and tackle. Whether you prefer to spin-fish or fly fish, our guides will make sure you have the quality fishing equipment and tackle you need for the best catch possible. That's what we mean when we say custom, fully-guided fishing expeditions.

Alaskan fishing has never been better, and that's just the beginning.

Jet sleds provide opportunities to fish the lower eight miles of Lake Creek as well as various other clear-water tributaries of the Yentna River, and small fishing groups give you a personalized experience.

Some Examples of Lures or Flies you'll use:

Kings: Kwikfish, Fatfish, Flatfish, Corkies, Egg Sucking Leaches, Zonkers, Showgirls, etc.

Silvers / Sockeyes / Chums / Pinks: Spinners and spoons sizes 1-5 in chrome, brass, chartreuse, etc. Flies will be the same as Kings.

Rainbow Trout / Grayling: Spinners from size 1-4 in assorted colors. Glo-bugs, flesh flies, leaches.

Northern Pike: Spinners and Spoons work well, but it's also fun to catch northern pike using surface lures such as poppers, among others.


Jet Sleds for Fishing Lake Creek, Alaska
Fishing Equipment loaded and Ready to Launch

Whether you’re planning your first trip to Alaska or you’re a seasoned veteran to Alaskan fishing, McDougall Lodge will provide an experience you’ll cherish forever. You'll experience world-class fishing for all five species of Pacific Salmon, native Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Dolly Varden and Northern Pike. Plus, your private fishing guide will put you in a position to land the trophy fish of a lifetime. One thing we can promise is that you will thoroughly enjoy the time spent fishing Lake Creek, one of Alaska's top fisheries.

Thank you for choosing McDougall Lodge for your Alaskan Fishing Adventure.


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