Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

2019 has been amazing: 70-100 King Salmon caught every day during our prime king season at our Alaska Salmon fishing lodge! Check out this video to see for yourself, then imagine yourself holding a fishing pole as you bring in one of your own! Your trip of a lifetime awaits in beautiful Lake Creek, Alaska. Experience world-class Salmon fishing in Alaska by booking a guided trip at McDougall Lodge today. Located 65 miles northeast of Anchorage, you can expect to arrive by float plane and enjoy Alaskan wildlife while reeling in wild salmon, or by booking an aerial tour directly from the lodge. Our jet sleds allow you to go salmon fishing in the lower eight miles of Lake Creek, an experience you'll never forget!

Alaska Fishing - What to Expect

Alaska is home to all five species of Pacific Salmon and we fish them all here in Lake Creek which features a gravel bottom river where salmon prefer to build their nests. Alaska King Salmon go out to sea for one-five years before migrating back to their native rivers & streams to spawn. King Salmon can measure up to 36 inches in length and weighing up to 30 pounds in this river. King Salmon in the Talachulitna River are much larger, reaching up to 60 inches in length and up to 70lbs. Alaska Sockeye Salmon fishing is some of the best action anglers will see. Sockeye Salmon mostly feed on plankton because they come equipped with many gill rakers. Alaska Silver Salmon fishing is another popular adventure our guests enjoy. Silvers are highly adaptable and are found in most accessible bodies of fresh water, from large trans-boundary watersheds to small tributaries.



Accommodations are limited. Make your reservation now and you'll be salmon fishing in Alaska before you know it!

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Private Alaskan Fishing Guide

McDougall Lodge’s fishing guests receive the personal attention they deserve. Your private Alaskan fishing guide customizes your trip to suit your individual style, taking small groups of just three or four clients, so he can do everything in his power to help you get the catch of a lifetime. The location of McDougall Lodge does the rest. Guests that fish with our lodge have a unique opportunity to fight several wild Alaskan fish species. Lake Creek gets incredible runs of all five Pacific Salmon including King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon, Chum, and Pinks. Each species of salmon run at different times of the year. We also have an abundant stock of wild Rainbow Trout, Grayling, and Northern Pike. You can choose to fly fish at our Alaska Lodge, spin or bait cast depending on the target species and time of year.

It’s time to start planning your Trip of a Lifetime at McDougall Lodge. Planning an Alaskan fishing trip can be full of fun and anticipation, but you may also have questions about airfare and what to pack.


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